Three Robins expands into Smoothies

Offering health treats for kids this summer

Two packs of the new Three Robins oat milk Smoothie pouches sit on a table with fruit and vegetables around them.
Oat milk brand Three Robins has expanded into the Smoothies market with the launch of two fruit and veg packed flavour variants.

SCOTTISH oat milk brand Three Robins has extended on its range of products with the launch of its new dairy-free Little Smoothie pouches.

Designed to offer a health treat for children aged between three and 12, the new Little Smoothies are packed with fruit and vegetables with no added sugar and come in two variants with Super Berry and Totally Tropical.

Along with this, the two flavours are completely dairy-free, to match the demand from lactose intolerant kids as well as from parents that are simply seeking healthier choices in their children’s diets.

The Little Smoothies retail at £1.89 per 100g pack and come in ambient packs across the independent and multiple retailers channels.

Three Robins aimed to cater to parents’ needs with the new smoothies as well with its high levels of beneficial vegetables in each pack including carrots, parsnips, courgette and beetroot to help ensure kids still get these important foods in their diets.

The Super Berry flavour contains 45% vegetable content whereas Totally Tropical sits at 25%.

Further to this, the wholesome snacks are fortified with beneficial vitamins and minerals including B12, B2, D plus folic acid and iodine.

Karen Robinson, founder of Three Robins, launched the brand in May 2022 after she discovered one of her three boys – where the brand gets its name from – was lactose intolerant, leading her to spy a gap in the market.

She said: “As a mum, I was frustrated by the lack of quality options on shelf, unable to find a brand that could meet all the needs of our young family.

“I felt let down by the high levels of sugar in so many supposedly better-for-you snacks and the limited range of nutritious, plant-based kids treats that my boys would actually enjoy eating.”