Broaden tobacco accessories range, says Republic Technologies

Company points to lucrative market opportunities

Republic Technologies' eco-friendly OCB range is a strong category performer, says the firm.
Republic Technologies’ eco-friendly OCB range is a strong category performer, says the firm.

RETAILERS who offer tobacco accessories shoppers a broad range of products are benefiting most from the continued growth of the £35million Scottish market.

That’s the view of Republic Technologies UK, which highlighted Circana total marketplace data that showed the category is currently increasing by 11.4% year on year.

Gavin Anderson, sales & marketing director with the major smokers’ accessories company, said: “Shoppers in this category have a range of different usage occasions and purchasing habits.

“So choice is absolutely key in maximising engagement and sales in tobacco accessories.

“Those retailers who offer a varied selection of product formats, from king size papers to eco-friendly filters, are seeing the highest levels of repeat purchase – which is a key driver for incremental sales.”

Republic Technologies UK sales & marketing director Gavin Anderson.
Republic Technologies UK sales & marketing director Gavin Anderson.

Backed by category-boosting NPD and sustained marketing support for all its leading brands, Republic Technologies currently accounts for approximately 40% of total UK marketplace sales, according to the Circana statistics.

The company points out that it offers a diverse range of brands – consisting of Swan, Zig-Zag and OCB – and products that are designed to meet the needs of every RYO shopper.

Papers remain the highest value sub-category in tobacco accessories, worth more than £11million and growing year on year.

Republic Technologies’ eco-friendly OCB range continues to outperform other papers in both value and volume growth, maintaining its position as the UK’s fastest-growing paper brand in the tracked market, further Circana figures show.

As shoppers continue to seek value in their everyday purchases, Anderson is also highlighting the benefit of stocking multipacks.

The director added: “Multipacks offer better value for both retailers and consumers at a time when rising numbers of cost-conscious shoppers want to get an even better return from their sales across the tobacco accessories category.”

The OCB Rice Papers.
The OCB Rice Papers.

NPD continues to drive growth in the tobacco accessories category and Republic Technologies is accelerating demand for its strong-performing OCB range through the introduction of OCB Authentic REAL Rice Papers.

Gavin Anderson, sales & marketing director at Republic Tech, said: “We know that OCB Rice Papers will appeal to the growing number of roll your own consumers who are now looking more closely at products with natural ingredients. OCB always delivers on quality and value, which has led to strong levels of loyalty with shoppers.”

Organic and chlorine free, OCB Rice Papers are made from a blend of rice and organic hemp. The unbleached, ultra-thin papers deliver a premium rolling and slow-burning experience in a natural, brown paper.

Featuring 32 papers per pack, OCB Rice is available in both Slim (RRP, £1.10) and Slim & Tips (RRP, £1.73).