Wattshot makes a Scottish first

Premium shot company rolls out across Scotland

Premium gin shot Wattshot has made its way to the Scottish market as the gin rolls out to venues across Edinburgh and is available for online purchase.

CONSUMERS across Scotland are set to enjoy gin in a whole new way as premium shot company Wattshot has been made available for the first time.

Claiming to be the first company that has produced a gin that is designed to be drank as a shot, Wattshot has rolled out its cherry blossom flavoured gin shot drinks to consumers across Scotland.

Currently only available online from the firm’s website, the new Wattshot gin has already rolled out across five of Edinburgh’s top nightlife venues and is also available from Inverarity Morton, a leading Scottish wholesaler in the hospitality sector.

Wattshot’s gin combines all natural ingredients with a mix of eight rooted botanicals for a herbal flavour, combined with a cherry juice which helps to balance all-natural sugars, amino acids, salts and alkaloids – the key factors that determine taste – to produce a pleasant drink that removes the need for a mixer.

And while the drink has been designed to be taken as a shot, Wattshot has also noted that it can be used to make a versatile drink with mixers or in a variety of cocktails.

The new drink has been brought to the market by Scottish entrepreneur Doug Everest who has already taken the drink to party capitals around the world such as Nikki Beach in Ibiza, affluent bars in Delhi, India as well as to UK festivals such as Clockwork Orange.

Doug Everest, co-founder of Wattshot, said: “Wattshot is becoming popular in different markets around the world, but it’s always been an aim of mine to launch in my home country.

“I’m very proud to see Wattshot stocked in some fantastic outlets in Edinburgh and I’m confident people will embrace the concept.”