The Single Cask bottles up a mood

Categories of whisky navigation to guide whisky flavours

Scottish bottling firm The Single Cask has launched a new series of whisky categories, in a bid to help whisky fans and newcomers alike to potentially find a new favourite dram.

FIFE based whisky bottler The Single Cask has taken on the challenge to clear up whisky flavours for consumers with its new mood categories.

Broken up into five different mood states, the new move from The Single Cask aims to aid whisky shoppers in choosing a new whisky and highlight a flavour profile that would best suit the experience that shoppers are looking for.

The categories include Cheerful, Playful, Bold, Curious and Easy-going, helping whisky fans to quickly find a dram that will suit for the mood of the evening.

Further to this, the categories could play a part in introducing more consumers to the section in stores and take a chance on whisky when they haven’t before.

The Single Cask reckons its new range of whisky moods will help more dram fans to experiment further in the category.

Among the first release of these whiskies include limited edition bottlings from iconic Scottish distilleries such as Bunnahabhain, Glen Spey as well as a unique Feis Ile cask of Bruichladdich to help celebrate the Islay whisky festival at the end of the May.

The first category Cheerful looks to draw attention to those crowd pleasers in the whisky trade, offering a dram that could suit any occasion.

Whereas, Playful will indicate an expression with some strength with flavours that can “bounce around your nose and mouth”.

The Bold category will send shoppers to big flavours and send them towards more powerful, strong tasting whiskies. Curious promises some expressions that can break away from the mould, offering unique tastes that could be new to the whisky game.

Finally, Easy-going will bring a more mellow dram, one that suits for an easy evening in with the plan to unwind and relax with a comforting dram on the couch.

While Scotch whisky undoubtedly offers shoppers a wide variety in flavours and options, The Single Cask hopes this new initiative will help whisky fans to experiment further within the sector and, perhaps, find a new favourite in their drams.

Helen Stewart, brand marketing manager at The Single Cask, said: “We feel this brand new way to explore our single cask whiskies will open whisky lovers’ eyes to a new world of experiences.

“We want to be the brand who helps people to easily discover their perfect dram, and enjoy that ultimate, unique single cask whisky experience.

“At The Single Cask, we believe the overall ‘charisma’ of a dram is more important than its individual flavours, and when we picture whiskies as personalities, they become easy to relate to.

“We can instantly identify with the mood of the whisky. That ability to move and connect people, to make us feel alive in ways unimaginable and open our minds to new experiences.”