Four Loko bursts with new flavour

RTD brand extends its range with a Dark Berry Burst

Pack shot of the new flavour of Four Loko with Dark Berry Burst.
Red Star Brands RTD brand Four Loko has launched a new flavour to its range with Dark Berry Burst as the brand aims to take drive further RTD sales.

VODKA-based ready-to-drink (RTD) brand Four Loko has extended its range with its a new exciting fruit based flavour with Dark Berry Burst.

Aiming to deliver a mix of tangy blackcurrant flavours to the popular RTD brand, Four Loko Dark Berry Burst comes in 440ml cans with an RRP of £3.49 each. Each can comes in at 8.4% ABV.

The new flavour joins the existing Four Loko line-up of eight flavours including White, Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical, Blue, Fruit Punch, Gold, Sour Blue Razz and Sour Apple, all of which sit at the 8.4% ABV level.

Also following suit with the entire range, the new flavour is also caffeine-free.

Clark McIlroy, managing director of Four Loko distributor Red Star Brands, said: “RTDs are enjoying a major period of reinvigoration and the forecast for RTDs is extremely exciting, with particular emphasis on at-home occasions and the linked opportunity to drive sales.

“Four Loko enjoys a well-earned reputation for being the on-go drink for those seeking unconventional fun and full-on flavour.

“Taste is perhaps the top consideration when it comes to RTD preferences so staying ahead of the curve is critical.

“We’re confident that Dark Berry Burst, with its fresh fruity vibes and big flavour profile, will be the perfect summer pre-mix for all occasions.”

McIlroy also notes the new flavour should appeal to those cash-strapped consumers that are still seeking cheap solutions for their evenings and have been trading the bar out for th comfort of their own homes.

This should allow RTD brands a lucrative opportunity and, in turn, help to boost retailers sales through innovative flavours and new launches.

“The continuing squeeze on household incomes increasingly means that staying in remains the new going out, but the consumer thirst for innovation signals a clear demand for flavourful imagination.

“Dark Berry Burst delivers yet another great Four Loko experience to help retailers capitalise on changing consumer habits and bolster sales and profitability.”