Glen Scotia partners up for Campbeltown Whisky Festival

Whisky distillery teams up with three travel influencers

Glen Scotia has teamed up with three of Scotland’s top travel influencers helping to show off the ‘Journey to Campbeltown’ ahead of Campbeltown Malts Festival.

THE award-winning whisky distillery Glen Scotia has partnered up with three of Scotland’s top travel influencers to bring more audiences to Campbeltown.

Aiming to encourage more consumers to make the trip to the coastal town, the distillery has collaborated with Chris Lawlor, Graeme Johncock and Barbara Gajewska for the ‘Journey to Campbeltown’ campaign.

Each influencer has taken a different route and mode of travel along the Kintyre Peninsula and filmed their journey to the historic town, showing the versatility of travel options available to consumers ahead of the upcoming Campbeltown Malts Festival, which takes place on 21-22 May.

Chris Lawlor made the journey by foot with a focus on the whisky history behind the town by exploring the many buildings in Campbeltown that have a direct link to an era where the area had more than 30 distilleries producing whisky.

Graeme Johncock took to the sea in his video, displaying the important role that the sea has played in Glen Scotia’s own whisky producing story from when the Campbeltown Harbour was a hub for whisky exports being shipped to Glasgow, London and America.

Barbara Gajewski traveled the long and windy path in her car to Campbeltown, exploring the food and drink scene along the way and visiting the neighbouring towns along the Kintyre Peninsula.

All three end their journeys at the Glen Scotia distillery, meeting with the dedicated team behind the dram including master distiller and distillery manager Iain McAlister.

The Journey to Campbeltown exhibition will display the content from these journeys at the Campbeltown Malts Festival next month and will be hosted as a new free exhibition for attendees to visit.

Kevin Wood, global brand manager for Glen Scotia, said: “We know how wonderful the journey to Campbeltown is; it’s a pilgrimage for many whisky fans and one everyone should experience in their lifetime.

“Our Journey to Campbeltown campaign shines a light on the remarkable history and heritage of the ‘Wee Toon’, highlighting the important stories and people involved in the whisky trade, and hopefully will inspire people of today’s age to pay a visit.

“The Campbeltown Malts Festival takes place next month and is the ideal time to see the town in all its glory, but year-round, the welcoming distillery team and quality drams make for an ideal stopping point for anyone planning to explore the west coast of Scotland.”