Cater to key trends in nicotine, says Imperial Brands

Low prices and convenience count for Scots consumers

Imperial Brands say retailers need to cater to consumer demands to ensure the gantry remains profitable.
Imperial Brands say retailers need to cater to consumer demands to ensure the gantry remains profitable.

A SAVVY retailer needs to stay on top of all the goings on across convenience and this includes in the gantry.

Key consumer trends will make all the difference in sales and Imperial Brands is out to ensure that all store owners know what this means for the nicotine section.

Yawer Rasool, consumer marketing director UK & Ireland at Imperial Brands, said: “With more consumers looking for ways to reduce spending amid soaring household costs, we’re seeing a shift towards low-priced propositions across the entire tobacco category.

“Scottish consumers have slightly different tobacco preferences to the rest of the UK, with the factory-made cigarettes (FMC) market accounting for 66% of all tobacco sales against 53% for the rest of the UK.”

With all this in mind, Imperial has pushed retailers to consider the FMC options that won’t break the bank such as its recent expansion to the Players brand with Players Max.

Offering smokers cigarette sticks that are 12% longer in size at a valued price of £12.90 RRP per pack, Imperial reckons the launch will cover the demand for the modern Scottish adult smoker.

And even with the incoming ban of disposable vapes, Imperial still believes this won’t deter consumers from the cheaper option and has recommended that retailers still remain well-stocked on the products to make the most of them until April 2025.

The firm has said retailers should stock up on its new Blu Bar 1000 disposable range, which not only includes a removable battery for the device but also offers a valued price of £5.99 RRP at 1000 puffs per device.

Further variants in the range are also set to launch in the coming months from Imperial, too.

Rasool said: “Blu Bar 1000 benefits from an array of product upgrades and new features, providing the perfect solution to help retailers grow their vape sales even further over the course of 2024.

“Despite the announcement, it’s unlikely that the demand for disposable vapes will slow down any time soon, so we recommend that retailers continue to stock a wide range of leading disposables, like our new Blu Bar 1000, in order to cater to this trend and, in turn, maximise sales.”