Peperami has an Animal return

Brand mascot makes its comeback to UK’s TV screens

Peperami’s meat-crazed mascot Animal is set to make its return to TV screens across the UK in a new ad following a ten year absence for the anarchic character.

MEAT snack brand Peperami has a Animal return as its brand mascot returns to TV screens across the UK.

After nearly a decade since the meat-crazed mascot was last seen, Peperami’s Animal is set to return in a new TV creative that helps to inject more fun into the daily monotony.

The ad kicks off with a bored-looking man stuck in a tedious meeting who begins to daydream and is transported into his inner thoughts complete with floating screens and pie charts.

Animal then makes its return as it tears through the imaginary charts and disrupts the meeting by jumping into the mouth of the man’s boss before chanting “meat, meat, meaty meat”.

Peperami reckons the ad will help to return the mascot’s more anarchic spirit and play into plenty consumers’ nostalgia whilst also introducing the character to a whole new generation of shoppers.

The campaign also champions Peperami’s diverse range of snacks including its Chicken Bites and Pizza Buns.

Jack Link’s – the firm behind the Peperami brand – reckons the return of the Animal mascot will prove to be a successful one with those consumers still nostalgic for the character and remember the old TV adverts.

In fact, the firm said that the mascot is still firmly embedded in the memories of 81% of UK adults.

Emily Prince, head of brand at Peperami, said: “The campaign marks a bold step forward for Peperami, building on the brand’s heritage whilst reaffirming our commitment to providing delicious and satisfying snacks for today’s busy adults.

“With Fearless Union’s creative vision and expertise, we’re confident that’ Animal’ will captivate audiences once again, reminding them that snacking should be fun and flavourful.”