Bisto has a banger in its new Sausage Gravy

Premier Foods caters to wide array of dinnertime options

Premier Foods has launched its new Bisto For Sausages Gravy Granules in a bid to capitalise on the rising demand for ‘bangers and mash’ dinnertime occasions.

CUPBOARD foods firm Premier Foods is set to tap into the rising demand for sausages and mash dinner occasions with the launch of its new Bisto For Sausages Gravy Granules.

Available exclusively in Asda stores currently, the new gravy will roll out across the retail channel in May with an MRSP of £2.99 per 190g tub.

While the Bisto brand is a must for many Sunday Roast dinner for plenty of households out there, Premier Foods has made it clear that this new launch aims to cater to the convenient mid-week meal with the permanent addition to its range.

The ‘bangers and mash’ occasion appears to be a popular choice for many shoppers out there. In fact, Kantar data has estimated that 1.8billion sausages are consumed each year with ‘sausages and mash’ noted as one of the top three dishes consumed in the UK.

This new option for gravy aims to cater to this demand for the dinnertime solution, offering consumers an extra special touch to the mid-week meal but also, providing retailers with a perfect link-up sale in the baskets.

Premier said the new gravy option provides consumers with a richer, thicker gravy that has been specifically crafted to provide the perfect compliment to the taste of sausages.

Mark Aldred, marketing director for flavours and seasonings at Premier Foods, said: “Sausages are the star of many mid-week meals, but consumers have struggled to find a gravy that perfectly complements them.

“Our new Bisto For Sausages Gravy Granules provides the perfect mid-week solution, helping consumers to enjoy tasty weekday dinners.

“By expanding the range, retailers can tap into a new opportunity and drive incremental sales by meeting demand for more time-efficient and flavourful mealtimes.”