Friesland Campina pushes new Yazoo PMPs

Dairy firm reckons new products in trusted brand will win over savvy shoppers

Yazoo has expanded to include new PMP formats for its Thick N’ Creamy drinks.
Yazoo has expanded to include new PMP formats for its Thick N’ Creamy drinks.

STAYING on top of the drinks options within dairy means ensuring there is plenty of new choices on the shelf for shoppers to take advantage of.

That’s the message from Friesland Campina, the firm behind Yazoo, which reckons that with customers shopping savvier and looking to brands they know and trust, new introductions to these brands could be key products on shelves across convenience.

The firm pointed to Yazoo’s new PMP format for its Thick N’ Creamy drinks, which has launched nationwide with a price mark of £1.49 each.

Not only does this appeal to the demand for something new on shelf, it should also appeal to consumers seeking cheaper shopping in store, according to Friesland Campina.

Katie Chadd, business unit controller at Friesland Campina, said: “In the face of the current economic uncertainty, consumers are savvier than ever before while also refusing to compromise on taste.

“In line with this sentiment, Friesland Campina’s PMP formats offer value, taste and convenience by the bottle, and continue to perform extremely well at this time.

“Innovation is also crucial to driving footfall and, with this in mind, Yazoo Thick N’ Creamy has launched nationwide as a £1.49 PMP.

“This launch represents the first permanent NPD from the brand since 2016, proof of the serious investment in and backing of the proposition from parent company Friesland Campina.”

And with HFSS regulations now on the horizon in Scotland, Chadd pointed out that Yazoo was in a strong place as all the label’s milk drinks were compliant with existing restrictions south of the border.

Chadd said: “As a result, we can continue to invest in the category – with both above the line advertisements and in-store promotions, as well as feature and display.

“Yazoo is free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colours, high in protein and is a source of calcium and Vitamin B2, meaning it offers nutritional benefits that most of its competitors in the soft drinks category cannot.”