Pergola introduces a new tequila can

Premium RTD cocktail firm expands on its canned range

Pergola Drinks is out to add a touch of premium to the canned cocktail market with its latest launch of Tequila & Tonic cans, which the firm claims is a market first flavour.

PREMIUM ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail firm Pergola Drinks has rolled out a new tequila-based canned cocktail.

Building up its range in the format, the new Tequila and Tonic cans are available for purchase now with a price of £36 for a pack of 12 from the company’s website.

Following up on Pergola’s recent launch of its canned Margarita variant – which launched on World Margarita Day in February – the new Tequila and Tonic comes in a 250ml can with flavours of vanilla and cinnamon.

Founded by husband and wife team Rahul and Sheetal Murthy, the company has an aim to introduce more cocktails to the RTD market across retail with a focus on premium offers.

Sheetal Murthy said: “Say goodbye to boring drinks! Pergola’s unique flavour combos take the tequila experience to a whole new level.

“Say hello to the world’s first canned Tequila and Tonic that’s going to blow your mind!

“It’s like a party for your taste buds! Perfect for stocking up your minibars at home or adding in a splash of excitement when you visit your favourite bar.”

Pergola Drinks also looked to inject the same level of excitement with the launch of its Margarita can in February, which saw the firm jazz up the classic cocktail by making use of fresh mint and yuzu citrus flavours.

Along with its canned range of cocktail options, the firm also offers two bottled cocktail options with Sunset – an adaptation of the classic Tequila Sunrise cocktail – as well as its Poolside drink, a bottled format of its Margarita canned drink.

Rahul Murthy said: “Margarita with Mint and Yuzu takes the tequila experience to a whole new level. With a chill 5% abv, our cocktails are down for whatever – from lazy poolside days to wild wedding parties.

“What’s more, our cans are eco-warriors – no plastic sleeves here, just crush and recycle for a guilt-free sip!”