Lap up the cocktail opportunity with new Panther M*lk bottles

Glasgow drinks brand celebrates new bottle design

Bottle of the newly designed Panther M*lk drink sit on top of a wooden table.
Plant-based RTD cocktail brand Panther M*lk is keen to capitalise on sales from younger drinkers with its new sleek bottle design and extended flavours.

OAT milk-based ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail brand Panther M*lk has highlighted the opportunity for retailers to lap up some sales with the brand’s new bottle design.

Featuring an all new sleek, black look on bottles as well as an extended range of flavours, the new Panther M*lk bottles aim to appeal to younger shoppers that are seeking sustainable products that have the environment in mind.

Prerna Menon, head of brand at Panther M*lk, said: “We wanted our bottles to reflect the essence of Panther M*lk – stealth, elegance and the thrill of discovery.”

And with Panther M*lk made using only plant-based ingredients and coming in a 500ml bottle that used fewer raw materials in manufacturing, Panther M*lk could prove a popular addition to shelves this summer.

Further adding to its sustainability credentials as well, the eco-friendly label found on the bottle has been laser printed with non-polluting ink, adding an extra level of stand out on shelf in the process.

Coming in four flavours such as Crema, Rosa, Cafe and Menta, Panther M*lk reckons its new bottle design is set to capture the attention of plenty of shoppers out there and help embrace the plant-based RTD brand.

Inspired by the ‘Leche De Pantera’ cocktail – a popular drink in Spain – Panther M*lk offers a sustainable and Scottish twist on the Spanish classic drink as well as offering a fresh take on cream-based liqueurs.

Paul Crawford, founder of Panther M*lk, said: “This is a landmark moment for the brand. These changes further build our credibility and appeal amongst young consumers, whilst also allowing us to deliver a price point in on and off-trade that makes the brand much more accessible to trade.

“Panther M*lk brings the good time responsibly, delivering guilt-free indulgence to a generation of drinkers who have come to expect brands to put the planet ahead of profit.”