Lucozade launches Blucozade range

Energy drinks brand turns the market blue with its three eye-catching offerings

Blucozade has blasted on to the scene with three drinks across the sub-brands.
Blucozade has blasted on to the scene with three drinks across the sub-brands.

SPORTS and energy drinks brand Lucozade has unveiled a major marketing offensive with its head-turning Blucozade range.

Lucozade Sport Blue Force, Lucozade Energy Blue Burst and Lucozade Alert Blue Rush all launched last month – with each one “uniquely flavoured”.

But arriving under the Blucozade banner, it’s the first time the three sub-brands have been united, with new drinks across function, flavour and format.

Lucozade believes the cross-category innovation will add a splash of colour to retailers’ chillers and create real excitement for shoppers.

Alert Blue Rush is offered in both 500ml and £1 PMP 500ml cans. Energy Blue Burst comes in 500 and 900ml bottles, with PMP and non-PMP formats. Sport Blue Force is available in both standard and PMP 500ml bottles, as well as a four-bottle multipack.

Elise Seibold, marketing director at parent firm Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I, said: “Blucozade is the biggest Lucozade launch ever, and the feedback we’ve had when bringing this to consumers and retailers alike has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Uniting our Sport, Energy and Alert brands together for the first time ever is a huge step-change in the way we market Lucozade, with even more to come this year.

“With its three different flavour profiles, we know Blucozade will appeal to different shoppers and have a big contribution to the continued success of the Lucozade brand.”

The firm believes the introduction of the newcomers presents a key opportunity for retailers to brand-block Blucozade, strategically showcasing the NPD and creating an unmissable eye-catching display for shoppers.

This move is expected to drive up both purchase frequency and overall consumption within the Lucozade portfolio.

The change is being supported through brilliantly impactful in-store POS across wholesale and convenience, as well as a shopper-facing campaign through April to drive awareness and create real demand at launch.