Shaken Udder highlights trade-up opportunities

C-store retailers urged to offer premium milk drinks

Shaken Udder is keen to attract shoppers to its range, which it says is a premium offering.
Shaken Udder is keen to attract shoppers to its range, which it says is a premium offering.

FLAVOURED milk is proving a strong category for retailers to capitalise on in convenience.

Therefore, it remains important to find the ways in which store owners can really drive extra sales with a solid option for consumers to trade up to.

Fortunately, Shaken Udder reckons its own range of options is already a clear winner for this proposition, with Nielsen data showing the brand to be the No.1 premium milkshake brand in terms of value sales for the UK.

Ensuring a store is well stocked on the brand’s drinks should be a no-brainer, then, for retailers looking to make the most out of the category.

Jo Abram, managing director at Shaken Udder, said:  “We use superior ingredients, including real Belgian chocolate, Madagascan vanilla seeds, real fruit and absolutely nothing artificial, to achieve a delicious, creamy taste. With less than 5% added sugar, all our shakes are also HFSS-compliant.”

To help ensure the brand remains at the forefront of consumers’ minds as well, Shaken Udder launched its first-ever TV advertising campaign last year, which the brand said helped to introduce its range to more consumers.

Jodie Howie, co-founder at Shaken Udder, said: “Shaken Udder was founded in 2004 as a drink sold at festivals, and our advertising campaign builds on that festival frame of mind – encouraging people to reconnect with their more liberated selves – while growing our market to reach new audiences.”

Arla promotes Starbucks Multiserve range

The Starbucks Skinny Latte Chilled Coffee.
The Starbucks Skinny Latte Chilled Coffee.

OUT-of-home convenient options for coffee fixes have remained a strong habit from pandemic living that carries on to this day.

And Arla reckons its Starbucks Multiserve range of drinks appeals to this, with its larger formats offering consumers a greater amount of the drink per purchase and extensive flavours.

Adam Hacking, head of beverages at Arla, said: “As consumers returned to a more out-of-home lifestyle post-pandemic, Starbucks saw continued interest in its large-format chilled coffee, proving its initial Starbucks Multiserve launch catered to the growth of a new, permanent, consumption habit.

“In March 2023, the brand extended this range with the launch of the Starbucks Multiserve Skinny Latte.”