Macphie predicts food craze for the UK

The rise of hybrid food solutions across food to go options

Cronuts – a mix of croissants and doughnuts – is just one of the examples of ‘hybrid foods’ that Macphie reckons is set to take off this year.

INSIGHTS from global food manufacturer Macphie Ltd show that a unique food-to-go option could be the next social media craze set to hit consumers.

Dubbed ‘hybrid foods’ the Aberdeenshire firm said that the industry could be looking to open up its doors to strange food combinations such as brookies, fluffins or cronuts. That would be indulgent treats that have been combined together with brownies & cookies; flapjacks & muffins; and croissants & doughnuts.

And this trend isn’t just set for the sweets but some savoury combinations could be the call of the day as well. This includes the pizzadilla (pizza/quesadillas), sushiritto (sushi/burritos) and machos (macaroni cheese/nachos).

Macphie has said this prediction has been fuelled by a consumer desire for adventure and novelty in their diets in a bid to feed the Instagram algorithm.

Kirsty Matthews, brand manager at Macphie, said: “Food mashups and combinations have been key to reinventing menus for years but not quite in the way as we are starting to see now.

“Unorthodox combos like melon and ham or bacon and pancakes have become the norm and the hybrid food arena is starting to see much more creativity in combination at the cooking stage.

“It all comes back to satisfying consumer needs and more often than not, customers are increasingly being drawn to slightly quirkier combos – especially when it comes to sweet treats.”

The Aberdeenshire firm has said it marketing insights highlight this hybrid food trend could meet consumers need for innovation in a low-risk way for retailers.

And with social media ticking along, it could also spur on a greater demand with consumers that don’t want to miss out on the latest social media trend coming from fear of missing out (FOMO) culture that social media sites thrive on.

Matthews said: “People want to experience new tastes but also have comfort foods they know and love and we’re glad to be able to provide that balance.

“We love being in the thick of such in the thick of such an exciting UK industry. The food sector is obviously always evolving and challenging norms, which is why we love it.

“Our job at Macphie is to give chefs and bakers the tools to be able to keep up with trends easily while still giving them the freedom to add their own twist.”