DoubleCool offers energy costs solution

Chiller door fitting firm aims to support forecourt retailers

Fitting doors to store chillers can help cut electricity costs.
Fitting doors to store chillers can help cut electricity costs.

WHILE much of the conversation around inflation has been dominated by the rising cost of food, electricity prices still continue to prove eye-watering for many forecourt retailers.

The volatility of this cost alone can mean operators need to be constantly on top of the latest rise in prices and seek opportunities on where they can cut back on the energy usage in store.

That’s where chiller door fitting firm DoubleCool reckons it could come in, aiming to support forecourt retailers to cut their electricity bills with its closed door chiller cabinet solution.

Zoe Colman, business development manager at DoubleCool, said: “Independent analysis has revealed that open chiller cabinets can account for as much as 40% of a forecourt’s overall energy consumption.

“DoubleCool’s clients combatted this by investing in their double paned, lightweight, acrylic fridge doors, retrofitted to their previously open chiller cabinets.

“Instantaneously, they reduced energy usage by as much as 50%. Despite energy costs rising, by lowering their consumption, savings on energy bills gave them a significant advantage.”

While it might not sound like a big change to the running of the store, introducing some chiller doors to open cabinets could make all the difference for plenty of forecourt sites.

Along with this, the introduction of some chiller doors could make the overall store more appealing to consumers to browse in, says DoubleCool.

Colman said: “Installing fridge doors has benefits that go beyond energy reduction alone.

“The cold air is contained in the unit giving a consistent chiller temperature. This not only creates a more comfortable shopping environment by preventing cold aisle syndrome, but also keeps produce fresh and reduces food waste, too.

“Better energy efficiency means reduced CO2 emissions, making DoubleCool an environmentally friendly solution, responding to the growing trend to reverse climate change.”

Any retailers looking to see how much they could save can do so using DoubleCool’s energy saving calculator on the firm’s website.

And those looking for a more detailed quote can get in touch with DoubleCool’s Colman to help begin their energy saving journey and find out how much they could look to save going forward.

Colman said: “When you invest in DoubleCool retrofit doors, payback is achievable within a year from the energy savings and, as the units are maintenance-free and incredibly robust, the cost savings keep on giving, year after year.”