Bring a flair this Valentine’s

Tips to help elevate consumers nights with cocktails

From left to right: Codorniu 1872 Rosé Cava Brut bottle, a Giffard Rhubarb Liqueur bottle stands next to a cocktail serve featuring the liqueur. A final lifestyle image for Don Papa Rum stands to the right, featuring a bottle of the rum set next to two Don Papa Raspberry Sour serves on a marble tabletop.
For consumers looking to elevate the night in on Valentine’s Day, alcohol brands have weighed in on some suggested serves for shoppers’ loved ones.

THE at-home cocktail craze continues to remain strong with consumers across the board.

Helping many to bring in an extra level to the evening, as well as being a fun hobby for some, there is certainly a lucrative opportunity to be found with the trend for plenty of retailers out there, and there’s no reason why convenience retailers can’t join in on the fun.

Since the pandemic saw everyone shut indoors with next to no social opportunities for months at a time, shoppers looked to bring the bar back to the house with them and turned their hands to some cocktails to help mix up the night.

And now, plenty of consumers could be keen to get their hands back on their shakers for when it comes to seasonal opportunities such as Valentine’s Day.

For loved ones looking to save on some cash, a special night in together could be on the cards, both on 14 February as well as the weekend to follow.

As such, stocking a range that fits the shaker for the night in could pay off for retailers, encourage some link-up sales and bring shoppers back to the store.

Giffard has suggested its Angélique cocktail serve for this Valentine’s Day, making use of its Rhubarb Liqueur.

French liqueur brand Giffard is keen to ensure consumers can treat their loved ones this Valentine’s with a fitting cocktail that makes use of its own Rhubarb Liqueur.

The brand has suggested its Angélique cocktail serve which combines gin, its Rhubarb Liqueur, elderflower syrup, Aperol and lemon juice together.

With instructions to shake over in a shaker, the brand reckons it will offer consumers a refreshing twist to the Valentine’s Day drinks that can help to show loved ones an extra level of care.

Of course, not every consumer is looking for this extra level on the evening and there are certainly ways to ensure the drink fits the night without investing in the equipment.

As such, the Spanish sparkling wine brand Codorniu reckons its Codorniu 1872 Rosé Cava Brut could be the solution for the evening’s drinks that saves on the work but still shows consumers care.

Available for £10.99 per bottle, the sparkling Rosé could be the solution of many love birds for this Valentine’s Day.

Although, if many take the same approach as Don Papa Rum, they will agree that Valentine’s Day 2024 is all about Rum Not Rosé.

As part of the brand’s latest campaign of the same name, Don Papa has also touted its cocktail solution for consumers to take advantage of this Valentine’s Day.

Highlighting a Don Papa Raspberry Sour, the rum brand has encouraged consumers to swap rosé for rum this year.

Offering a rum twist on the classic whisky sour serve, the Don Papa Raspberry Sour could be the pick of some more adventurous shoppers out there.

Combining Don Papa Rum with raspberry liqueur, lemon juice and an egg white – the brand has instructed that the ingredients need to be dry shaken – combined in a shaker without ice – for 30 seconds which will allow the egg whites to foam. After this, consumers need to add ice and shake until the tin is frosty before serving.

A spokesperson at Don Papa Rum said: “It’s time to ditch dated traditions for Valentine’s Day because 2024 is about rum not rosé thanks to the mixologists at Don Papa Rum. Embrace your love language of acts of service and shake up the perfect Don Papa Raspberry Sour cocktail for your loved one on February 14.”