PVM has valued advice in good value

PVM weighs in on the importance of PMP formats

Price marked pack range of Perfetti Van Melle sweets. Top row from left to right: Mini Chupa Chups, Fruit-tella Duo Stix, Fruit-tella Juicy Chews. Bottom rom has two pack shots of Fruit Mentos.
Good for value options will be good for sales this Christmas, according to PVM.

SUGAR confectionery remains a resilient category within convenience supported, in part, by the strength of price marked packs (PMPs).

That’s the take from Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) as the sweets giant reckons the format can help to drive sales across the confectionery category.

Mark Roberts, marketing and trade director at PVM, said: “As we continue into a challenging economic landscape, confectionery remains an affordable treat, giving retailers a compelling sales generator.

“Our focus is on driving choice and by helping to signpost within the category, consumers can easily find a treat for any occasion.

“As we further develop our product portfolio, we continue  to bring a wide range of products to consumers through new flavours, packaging and textures.

“Confectionery is one of the top five categories purchased on impulse in convenience stores.

“Offering a full range that supports the governments HFSS guidelines of under 150kcal per pack – something most manufacturers can’t, gives Perfetti the opportunity to be closer to these impulse purchases.”

With this in mind, displaying good value in the category could also appeal to plenty of consumers out there – and PMPs should be the way to do so, says the confectioner.

PVM has recommended retailers to stay well stocked on its PMP formats across brands such as Fruittella, Mentos and Chupa Chups to not only communicate this value but to also provide as much variety as possible within the sugar confectionery category.

Paul Robinson, controller – convenience and wholesale at PVM, said: “Visibility is key for sales. Shoppers respond well to cross-merchandised fixtures and clearly signposted sections in store that target specific occasions.

“Counter-top units ideally sit at arm’s reach from the main till point to drive impulse sales and front of store POS that sits at eye level can capture attention and increase impulse purchases.”