Spice up sales for National Curry Week

Advice for retailers on how to make the most of event

C-store retailers can help consumers to create curry feasts in their own homes.
C-store retailers can help consumers to create curry feasts in their own homes.

SCOTS are known for their love of curries and partying – and the 25th National Curry Week provides the perfect excuse to bring the two together.

The event, taking place on 2-8 October, is likely to see many people celebrating the occasion at home – and that is something convenience retailers can capitalise on.

National Curry Week organisers have a recipe book for consumers to buy and among the ideas they are promoting is to get people to show off their kitchen skills by cooking up their own curry feasts.

Another suggestion is for people to host a potluck spread – asking each guest to bring a different dish along to the party.

The National Curry Week book, From Bombay To Britain, has signature dishes from 50 of the UK’s finest restaurants, with recipes including a classic chicken tikka masala through to a hot king prawn piro piro and even aubergine bhajis.

For the ambitious cooking customer, retailers might want to consider stocking up on a range of fresh produce and spices.

Shopkeepers can even create some in-store theatre and social media activity around their offering for National Curry Week, as the website – www.nationalcurryweek.co.uk – has items that can be downloaded from the trade section.

Of course, many consumers will choose to let the experts do a lot of the hard work for them while deciding to enjoy a curry at home.

So retailers should also be sure to stock a variety of products that will go down a treat for the occasion.

These will include the numerous jars of ready-made sauces and pastes, naan breads, poppadoms, spiced onions, mango chutney, raita and a variety of pakora.

Retailers keen to stock Scottish-made products should look to companies such as Mrs Unis Spicy Foods.

The Edinburgh firm has been producing an array of traditional, handmade Indian snacks, naan breads and chapattis for 30-plus years.

National Curry Week also provides retailers with the opportunity to promote spicy ready meals as well as a range of appropriate drinks.

The week is sponsored by India’s No.1 beer, Kingfisher, but organisers also highlight Bombay Bicycle IPA, Peacock Cider and 5 Walla Chai Tea Cream Liqueur as ideal.