Fife Creamery offers the space for innovation

Fife wholesaler drives up fresh ideas in Scotland

Wholesaler Fife Creamery is set to keep tails wagging across Scotland with the launch of new Utterly Mutterly ice cream for dogs, a result of its new innovation centre.

FOOD wholesaler Fife Creamery has showcased its dedication to product innovation through its new Food Innovation Hub (FIH).

With the aim of introducing a collaborative space for suppliers, customers and sales representatives to accelerate the introduction of new products, Fife Creamery reckons the new FIH will facilitate knowledge-sharing between companies and networking opportunities.

One such result of this is the wholesaler’s latest product launch of Utterly Mutterly ice cream for dogs, which Fife Creamery said came as an “unexpected but delightful surprise”.

Born from a recent event hosted in the FIH, Fife Creamery noted the space allowed for a “deep dive” with the four suppliers in attendance to understand their development processes and vision for products, while also being able to sample and test.

The Utterly Mutterly ice cream uses dairy-free ingredients and also comes in a recyclable card pot that is the ideal shape for dogs to enjoy every lick of.

While produced in Wales, the Utterly Mutterly ice cream for dogs proved a popular product during an event at the FIH. The new launch comes in Original and Peanut Butter flavours.

A spokesperson for Fife Creamery said: “The ice cream recipe uses dairy-free ingredients including coconut milk that avoids any lactose intolerance for dogs.

“The product is supplied in recyclable card pot and is the ideal shape for the dog to enjoy every last lick of the contents.

“It was this level of development and the knowledge that treats for our four-legged friends is a growing market, that impressed Fife Creamery so much so that they were able to negotiate an exclusivity agreement for distribution in Scotland.”