Grace Foods set to bring sandy shores to the UK

Sodas of the Caribbean in the UK market

Three bottles of Grace Foods new Island Soda range, from left to right: Pineapple, Cream Soda and Kola Champagne. Next to them are three glasses with the drinks inside.
Bringing a taste from the Caribbean’s shores to the UK market.

CARIBBEAN food and drink supplier Grace Foods UK aims to bring a taste of sunny shores to the UK with the launch of three new soft drinks.

The Grace Island Soda range includes three Caribbean-inspired drinks with Kola Champagne, Pineapple and Cream Soda. Each variant also comes with its own Caribbean catchphrase to bring an extra piece of the culture to the UK.

For Kola Champagne it is ‘Wah Gwaan’ to mean ‘What’s Up’; Pineapple is ‘Yeah Mon’ to mean ‘Of course/sure’; and Cream Soda is ‘A Yah Suh Nice’ to mean ‘I like the Vibe’.

The three sparkling tropical-themed drinks are available in the UK market now in 330ml glass bottles with an RRP for each flavour at £1.35.

Dorota Dziedzic, brand manager at Grace Island Soda, said: “The drinks are uniquely Caribbean, bringing tastes and flavours of the Caribbean islands to the great British summer.

“We think they will be popular with people looking for a refreshing soda with a new tropical twist throughout the summer months.

“They will also be the perfect drink for barbecue season and for people looking for an alternative to alcoholic drinks.

“The Cream Soda has delicious, aromatic vanilla flavours, the Kola Champagne (non-alcoholic) boasts a fun, bubble gum-like flavour, and the Pineapple Island Soda is refreshing, exotic and zesty.”