Disposable responsibility from Phillip Morris

Phillip Morris launches Veeba vaping product

New IQOS Veeba disposable vape device.
Veeba devices keep to a uniform design.

PHILIP Morris Limited (PML) has entered the disposable vape category with the launch of the new Veeba device.

Veeba comes in nine nicotine variants – Gold, Indiblue, Turquoise, Yellow-Green, Summer, Red, Classic, Coral Pink and Mauve. Each device keeps to a uniform look and grey colour as well.

The new disposables have not been commercialised with flavour descriptions, such as sweets and desserts, or bright colours – in a bid to ensure they do not appeal to youths, according to PML.

It is aiming the devices exclusively to adult smokers as an alternative for those looking for a better option to traditional smoking.

Each device’s liquids contain a guaranteed nicotine level of 1.8% – 20mg/ml – and the body of the Veeba can also be recycled as part of the Veeba Recycling Programme. Priced at £4.99 RRP, Veeba is available to buy now at participating cash & carries or via PML’s Digital Trade Engagement Platform, which retailers can sign up to by talking to their local field rep.

Kate O’Dowd, head of commercial planning for PML, said: “Veeba demonstrates that a responsible disposable e-vapour device can fulfil the needs of existing adult nicotine users and generate returns for retailers, all while striving for excellence in quality, compliance and sustainability.

“Retailers can feel assured that by listing Veeba, they are stocking a smoke-free product that adheres to local laws and, in many cases, strives to go even further.”

Duncan Cunningham, external affairs director at PML, said: “It’s clear that the disposable segment within the e-vapour category is growing exponentially for adult tobacco and nicotine users in the UK. 

“PML is responding to the immediate need for a smoke-free offer to be commercialised responsibly, and that is sustainable, trustworthy and reliable.”