A rebellious trio join the Loch Lomond whisky line up

Loch Lomond Group expands on its whiskies

Image of the new Noble Rebel range including Orchard Outburst, Smoke Symphony and Hazelnut Harmony
Rebel with a cause: The Loch Lomond Group launches a new brand of whiskies.

SPIRITS giant the Loch Lomond Group has launched a new brand of blended malt Scotch whiskies.

Noble Rebel whisky comes in three different expressions called Orchard Outburst, Smoke Symphony and Hazelnut Harmony, with each bottle featuring a series of “vivid illustrations” on each label. All three come bottled in at 46% ABV.

The trio of whiskies is available to buy now from both the Noble Rebel website as well as The Whisky Exchange, with an RRSP of £40 per 700ml bottle.

Orchard Outburst has been described by the Loch Lomond Group as having a balance of crisp, ripe orchard fruits with flavours of sea salt and hints of lemon zest.

Smoke Symphony offers a smokier and peaty option in the line, with hints of chilli, according to Loch Lomond. Finished in Rioja wine casks,   the smoky expression also finishes off with notes of spice and dark berries, Loch Lomond Group said.

And Hazelnut Harmony mingles nuts with sweet honeycomb tastes and subtle pear undertones, with added honey, vanilla and hazelnut tastes in the whisky, too.

Michael Henry, master blender at Loch Lomond Group, said: “Noble Rebel is an exciting new addition to the growing Loch Lomond Group portfolio.

“At the heart of each expression is our shared passion for blending finely curated malts into a product of beauty.

“Bringing new ideas to old ways and deeply rooted traditions, our drams are modern masterpieces that welcome newcomers with open arms and delight old friends alike.”