Indulge in ice cream

Tips from Mackie’s on boosting frozen sales

New managing director for Mackie's of Scotland Stuart Common
Stuart Common was named Mackie’s new managing director at the start of 2023.

FINANCIAL worries could have consumers flocking to the freezers more than ever as they continue to seek the best deal they can get.

Coming with a longer shelf-life and a cheaper price compared to fresh foods, frozen food products certainly make for attractive options for those shoppers looking to cut corners wherever they can.

So, it makes sense to get the most out of these sections across convenience stores during this time.

Stuart Common, managing director at Mackie’s of Scotland, believes retailers can drive up sales across the category so long as they ensure the freezer remains well stocked with a wide range.

He said: “Stocking frozen brands like Mackie’s is also advantageous to c-store retailers as frozen goods are less likely to go to waste due to stock turnover.

“These selling points can be pushed through advertising and product placements in store, as well as ensuring there is a wide range of frozen brands available for purchase at all times.”

In particular, Common said with disposable income dropping for shoppers, the ‘big night in’ occasion will become a more attractive option.

The MD reckons more consumers will choose a cheaper night in during 2023 to help save some extra cash, which independent retailers should focus on with a strong range of ice cream options.

Common said: “Catering to ‘big night in’ events and providing cross-category combination promotions such as meal deals work well to push frozen food sales.

“Retailers can capitalise on this by advertising these offers in store to let consumers know they will save more if they spend more on these promotions.

“The desire of customers to indulge in take-home ice cream as a special treat is still there, and Mackie’s has catered to this by launching an indulgent white chocolate and raspberry flavour to give retailers the choice of trading up.”

Mackie's of Scotland Strawberry Swirl and White Chocolate & Raspberry ice cream variants

Mackie’s launched the White Chocolate and Raspberry variant in 2022 alongside the rebrand of its Strawberry flavour with Strawberry Swirl.

And the firm is keen to keep Mackie’s at the forefront of consumers’ minds this year as Common revealed Mackie’s intends to go big on marketing for the summer ahead, with a hint at a new flavour coming down the pipeline.

“In 2023, we will be adding at least one new line to our range and continuing to improve our brand to keep our strong customer base satisfied.

“We have a few campaigns and projects in the works, including radio advertising, ITV advertising over summer and, in the nearer future, a feature on STV as part of the Spar Scotland meal deal.”