Healthy options in RTDs

Creating opportunities to drive healthier choices with RTDs

White Claw variants clinking together at a music festival
Sessionable seltzers: White Claw aims to consolidate a healthier option in RTDs

THE RTD category in the UK remains a popular one, with IRI data reporting an annual value of £483million.

According to this data, RTD products in the convenience channel have been growing at triple the rate, up by 15%. This makes the category big business for c-stores across the country, so it is more than worthwhile stocking up on a wide variety of flavours. 

To do so, Mark Anthony Brands reckons its White Claw selection will help bring an extra boost for convenience store owners.

Mathew Rounding, off premise sales director at Mark Anthony Brands UK, said: “White Claw is the leading Hard Seltzer brand in the UK, worth 52% of total market trade.

“The brand holds the top three SKUs in the market, these include White Claw Variety Pack, White Claw Raspberry and White Claw Black Cherry, all of which have growth reaching double digits.”

IRI also found that White Claw has been rapidly growing in value across the UK convenience market, up by 163% compared to last year.

Rounding said: “These figures are a strong indication of the prominence of RTDs and hard seltzers in the UK convenience channel.”

While the hard seltzer category is a relatively new addition to the UK market, White Claw still holds a great deal of promise, according to Mark Anthony Brands.

Setting itself up as a low-calorie “sessionable” offering to suit consumers looking for healthier options across grocery, White Claw aims to target shoppers who are in the market for an alternative in drinking options with its 95 calories per can.

To do so, the firm reckons a more consistent selection across hard seltzers will help to consolidate the White Claw brand as the go-to option for a hard seltzer in stores.

Rounding said: “The hard seltzer category in the UK saw an influx of brands as the category established itself.

“All retailers had different ranges available in store, which resulted in a lack of consistency for customers. 

“White Claw is a lighter option that guarantees a wave of refreshment with every sip. It creates the opportunity for the consumer to experience a lower-calorie session while maintaining the fun sociability that comes with any social occasion.”