Tea to do good

Yogi Tea determined to take the ethical route

Euro Food Brands talks up the sustainability efforts of its Yogi Tea brand
Yogi Tea aims for sustainability in every aspect, down to the ingredients it uses.

WHEN it comes to making a tea brand fully sustainable, you have to examine every level of its production.

That’s the take from Euro Food Brands (EFB) on how the firm approaches sustainability for its Yogi Tea brand.

Right down to the spices it uses to make the brew, Yogi Tea aims to make every step of its production as sustainable as possible, according to Irene Ippolito, marketing manager at Euro Food Brands.

“Decisions made and products consumed in one part of the world will always have an effect on other places worldwide and everything we do today will make a difference in the future,” she said.

Yogi Tea’s packaging only uses Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and its teabags are fully compostable, biodegradable and free from plastic, Ippolito noted.

But a firm can only go so far, especially one on a smaller scale, hence Yogi Tea has partnered with the Sustainable Spices Initiative and is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) as well.

Ippolito said: “We are well aware that the majority of the tea grown worldwide comes from places facing economic, social and environmental challenges. Yogi Tea wants to play an active role in overcoming these problems.

“We have therefore joined the ETP, the world’s leading organisation for promoting sustainability in the tea industry. Alongside the ETP and its partners, we aim to make further sustainable improvements in our tea supply chains.”