Iced coffee’s a hot proposition

Consumers ‘seek variety in warmer weather’

Jimmy's iced coffee and an ice cream
Sunny pairings: RTD iced coffee can help vary the selection in soft drink chillers.

SUMMERTIME should bring with it some sunshine and the chance to get back outdoors after a grey winter.

And with the summer sun, consumers will be keen to pick up some favourite drinks or perhaps try out new choices across a variety of categories.

One such trend worth keeping an eye on this coming season could be the RTD iced coffee category as shoppers seek more options from a store’s soft drink selection beyond the traditional fare.

RTD brand Jimmy’s Iced Coffee seems set to capitalise on this for the summer ahead with the launch of its new Jimmy’s Caramel Iced Coffee.

Available from this month, the new variant comes in a 275ml BottleCan format, starting at an RRP of £2 per can.

Rob Owen, sales director at Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, said: “While RTD iced coffee sits within the flavoured milk category, increasingly consumers are looking to iced coffee as a healthy, natural alternative to the traditional energy drink and fizzy refreshment.

“Although soft drink chillers can be limited on space, retailers should ensure that Iced Coffee is ranged together as its own sub-category.

“It’s important retailers offer a range of SKUs that will appeal to the majority of consumers.

“This has prompted brands such as Jimmy’s to offer a wider range of flavours by launching its new Caramel, allowing consumers to choose from up to five flavours in the range.”