Oat-cuisine is a growing trend

Hamlyns points to rising popularity of porridge

Hamlyns of Scotland products
Hamlyns says its products are suitable for both breakfast and home baking.

HEALTHY options and value for money are two key drivers for shoppers when it comes to breakfast choices, according to Hamlyns of Scotland.

And those factors make its product range ideal for retailers to stock, says boss Alan Meikle.

The managing director said: “Porridge is not just one of the healthiest ways to start the day, it’s one of the lowest cost-per-serving breakfast cereals.

“It’s hugely versatile and can be enjoyed hot with a wide range of toppings, or cold with yoghurt and fruit.

“Our oats are also popular for baking into healthy oat bars, and in muffins, breads and more. Home baking could well become more of a necessity for many as prices rise.”

Meikle pointed out that Hamlyns’ Scottish Porridge Oats had gained market share in a growing category as health-conscious consumers looked to make their own porridge from scratch rather than buy instant products with high levels of sugar and artificial flavourings.

Green issues, such as food miles, are also important for many shoppers. Meikle stressed that all of Hamlyns’ oats were grown in Scotland and milled at its wind-powered facility in Banffshire.

He added: “Look out for our Scottish Oatmeal, Scottish Porridge Oats and Scottish Oats & Bran in new sustainable paper bags from late spring.”

The firm has also seen increasing sales of porridge pots and sachets to meet the demand from more people returning to the workplace.

Meikle concluded: “Retailers will benefit from dual stocking Hamlyns Scottish Oatmeal in both the cereal aisle for making porridge, and in the home baking aisle for making oatcakes and biscuits.”