PMPs that will fit every pocket

Variety could go a long way in snack choices

selection of crisps
Prices to suit more customers: Keeping a variety of affordable options across PMPs will be key.

A BROAD selection of snacking PMPs could be ideal for the category, according to a giant in the industry.

Everyone has been feeling the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, with Norstat data from March 2022 revealing that 95% of consumers said they were concerned about the rising costs of groceries.

And with this not showing signs of slowing down any time soon, more consumers will be looking to limit their spending across every category – and snacking will feel the pinch, too.

In an effort to help ensure consumers continue to stick to the snack aisle in their local convenience store, Tayto reckons retailers should stock up on a range of PMP options that fit a variety of different consumer budgets.

While the firm continues to push its £1 PMP Golden Wonder range, Tayto said bringing in some cheaper options will help to accommodate the needs of even more consumers during the financial crisis.

This includes its 50p PMP snacks, such as its Transform-A-Snack and Ringos, as well as its two-for-60p on-pack promotion, which can be seen on Tayto’s Spicy Bikers and Tangy Toms crisps

This will be particularly important for the convenience channel as Matt Smith, marketing director for Tayto Group, explained it would help illustrate that local c-stores will continue to offer good value during the financial crisis.

He said: “Convenience shoppers worry that they will pay more for shopping locally and PMPs give them the confidence they are getting good value.

“That’s why over half the snacks in Scottish convenience stores are PMPs.”