Sparkling suggestion

Ribena Sparkling

AS the nation continues to navigate the ongoing economic pressures, it’s likely there will be a rise in the Big Night In occasion.

And coupled with consumers’ wish to adopt healthier lifestyles and participate in Dry January, now is the perfect time for shopkeepers to highlight low/no-sugar soft drinks.

Matt Gouldsmith, of Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I, said: “Retailers should ensure they stock up on larger soft drinks formats, such as Ribena Sparkling Zero Sugar two-litre bottles, to meet these shoppers’ needs.”

The SBF wholesale channel director added that price-marked packs would become even more important for retailers to demonstrate value and give shoppers confidence that they are getting a fair price.

Ribena Sparkling has recently unveiled reduced-price PMP bottles to help store bosses tap into this trend.

Gouldsmith noted data showing low/no-calorie offerings accounted for nearly 70% of soft drink sales, with sugar-free carbonates growing by over 5% in a year. He said: “We advise retailers to stock Lucozade Zero, which has seen recent growth of almost 20%, to make the most of this trend.”