Tea makes an organic choice

Clipper Tea pushes its eco-credentials

Clipper tea
Conscious choice: Clipper reckons its environmental credentials keep it popular.

ORGANIC options have been on the up since the end of the pandemic, bringing plenty of choices across tea.

Ecotone UK, the firm behind Clipper Teas, said that current trends in hot beverages are driven by sustainability and the ethics behind brands.

Along with this, Kantar has found an increase across organic and Fairtrade tea options lately, with the category increasing by 0.3 per cent in value.

Ecotone reckons this is where Clipper can stand out from the crowd to help meet shopper demand for more environmentally friendly products.

Adele Ward, marketing manager for Clipper Teas at Ecotone UK, said: “No matter the trend, brands must continue to deliver on taste. Over the past five years, we have secured 68 Great Taste Awards, which is a testament to this being a core success for Clipper.

“Producing natural, fair and delicious teas as part of a wider value package is of the utmost importance to us and we believe consumers choose our products because of that.

“Since the pandemic, interest in organic products has increased – which is where the likes of our Clipper Fairtrade Organic Everyday 80 Tea Bags, Clipper Fairtrade Organic Everyday Decaf 40 Tea Bags and Clipper Fairtrade Organic Green 40 Tea Bags across the convenience sector perform well.”