Cutting waste with Gander app can save cash

Gander App scans a reduced pineapple

FOOD waste reduction app Gander is on the path for growth this year as the firm gets ready to roll out across Snappy Shopper delivery.

Bringing its tech over to the delivery service, Gander informs consumers when reduced-to-clear labels go on to food items that are near their use-by date.

This then allows consumers to pick up the same food at a cheaper price and avoids plenty of good produce from going to waste.

To date, Gander has reported that it has managed to save 19.9 million food items from going to waste, equating to about 20,947 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted.

Now the firm is set to roll out across Scotland this year with support from Snappy Shopper as the Gander app is set to be integrated into the delivery service.

Stacey Williams, head of business development at Gander, reckons that the partnership with Snappy will help Gander to reach out to a much wider audience across Scotland, helping to ensure consumers are aware of the app as well as supporting retailers in the process.

He said: “Rising food inflation is driving up overall costs for businesses, so having the Gander app alert consumers to the reduced-to-clear items not only helps improve retailer margins by making sure the items are sold but also reduces on waste.

“On top of this, it also means retailers’ footfalls increase, with more consumers coming into stores.”