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a range of loaves loaves from the Hovis brand

Hovis’ dough keeps working in impulse

HOVIS has been on a roll across the impulse channel this year as the firm remains in top position.

After seeing a boost for its bread products during the first lockdown, Hovis attained a top position for unit share of the total UK impulse channel, sitting at 32.4%, according to Nielsen Scantrack data on the total impulse channel for pre-packaged bread over the 4 weeks to 10 August.

Hovis has managed to retain its number one position for over 12 months now, reaching the position in July last year.

Like-for-like, this has translated over well to total-value sales in impulse as the brand has remained at the top since January.

Consumer popularity for the brand is clear to see here and Hovis has put this down to managing a strong brand trust with shoppers that has lasted since the first lockdown.

And this loyalty has paid off for Hovis as the bakery firm noted it was the only major bread brand to increase its unit share as the average price per loaf rose.

Tom Pook, national account manager for wholesale and impulse accounts at Hovis, has put this success in the impulse channel down to the variety that the Hovis brand brings to consumers.

“There is a Hovis loaf for everyone: Hovis Soft White and Best of Both are popular among younger households and families, while Hovis Seed Sensations and Granary are popular with older shoppers.

“The launch of the Hovis Bakers Since 1886 range in April 2021 attracted more younger and upmarket buyers to the brand, and that’s across the half cob loaves and our premium burger buns,” he said.