Spritz up wine this season

A bottle of aperol spritz and prosecco next to two aperol spritz cocktails and canopes

Helping consumers to build on bubbles

SPARKLING wine is a must during Christmas celebrations for plenty of consumers.

Last year, Kantar reported that sparkling wine sales rose by 22% during the festive season, with UK consumers spending £15.5 million in the category over the Christmas period alone.

With sparkling wine bringing with it a great deal of potential for in-store sales during Christmas, the Campari Group reckons retailers can capitalise on the category further by focusing on the at-home cocktail trend.

Campari reckons retailers will be able to push some link-up sales here by encouraging consumers to add flavoured liqueurs, such as Aperol, to their traditional sparkling wine serves.

And with the at-home cocktail trend still on the rise from the first Covid lockdown, Campari said retailers can help consumers to elevate their sparkling wine serves this Christmas through some Aperol Spritz cocktails.

Sandra Brunet, marketing director at Campari Group UK, said: “The Aperol Spritz is the perfect way to encourage consumers to enjoy Prosecco in an alternative way – combining three parts of Prosecco with two parts of Aperol, one part of soda water and a slice of orange for garnish. This will create a simple but iconic serve.

“This classic ‘build-in-the-glass’ cocktail adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any festive celebration and is the perfect shareable serve for festive social occasions.

“It also presents a great opportunity for retailers to help shoppers make their their Prosecco moment a premium one this Christmas by enjoying the best-selling branded cocktail in the UK.”