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RVM Systems MD Claudia Marshall on DRS preparations

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What range of reverse vending machines does your company offer?

As the main supplier of reverse vending machines (RVMs) and high-speed counting solutions to DRS markets as well as other markets across the world, we offer a comprehensive range of standalone RVMs and modular customisable RVM systems solutions.

Our machines are DDA-compliant with a 21.5-inch screen, online monitoring, the MyRVM app, customised wrapping, QR code & loyalty card reader, donation options, and Re-motion the Promotion configurator tool. These are just some of the features possible for a ‘turn key’ delivered and installed RVM.

And of course, all our RVMs meet the Circularity Scotland DRS specifications.

Which of these machines would be the best fit for convenience stores with more limited space?

The Scottish DRS includes three types of containers, PET bottles, aluminium cans and glass bottles, therefore we recommend our RVM x3 and RVM x30, with an ultimate storage capacity of up to 500 PET, 1500 cans and 400 glass containers.

How can retailers make the most of their limited space in store as well?

Every retailer should consider the operational aspect of an RVM, especially the frequency of emptying bins and the storage capacity needed prior to collection. Investing in an RVM with the highest storage capacity will reduce space needed prior to collection and free up store personnel.

In addition, retailers should also think about the expected returned container volume in their stores before choosing their machine, driven by their own drink sales volume, customer shopping behaviour, the environment from other local competitors, frequency of collection and their own engagement with the scheme to maximise commercial opportunities.

a black DRS machineHow does your range of RVMs stand out from other competitors?

There are so many benefits to our RVMs, including the “plug & play” all-in-one solution; the versatility of our machines, which include both front or back emptying; we have the highest storage capacity on the market as well, with optimised bins for easy and efficient operations.

Our machines can also process 50 containers per minute, complete with a mix compactor to provide the flexibility of both separation and co-mingling of PET and cans after compaction.

Our Scotland-based service support and product experts, with high customer experience ratings and expert knowledge, are also on hand to help provide advice for machine installations, in-store training and aftercare for the machines.

What are the benefits of choosing an RVM over a manual returns system?

A reverse vending machine provides a better customer experience and less store personnel involvement. They also support DRS by scanning, counting and reporting containers, which is necessary for the handling fee to be paid. Furthermore, it includes automated fraud protection and overall less storage space.

What advice do you have for convenience retailers that are looking to implement an RVM in their store?

If you’ve not already started then it’s time to get informed about DRS and decide on the strategy the retailer wants to play.

But don’t wait too long with a decision – to allow for plenty of time for store preparation, installation, training and communication prior to launch in August 2023.

What support has your partnership with the Scottish Grocers’ Federation brought to c-store retailers across Scotland so far?

With our long-term knowledge from existing DRS markets and our high-technology RVMs, we deliver bespoke, efficient solutions and professional installations and service support.