Families snap up meal deals

Snappy Shopper campaign a big hit

Snappy Shopper’s campaign helped thousands of families save cash.

THOUSANDS of families have benefitted from a cash-saving campaign run by grocery delivery app Snappy Shopper.

The firm partnered with more than 150 stores across Scotland to give parents the chance to top up on lunch supplies on the cheap as they prepared to send their children back to school.

Snappy Shopper sold more than 3,600 of its 1p packed lunch bundles in just two days towards the end of August.

The one penny packs included the likes of multipack crisps, multipack yogurts, bananas or multipack apples, multipack juices, a 400g loaf of bread and a 100g pack of cold meat.

The top-performing store sold 500 of the promotional items.

Snappy Shopper head of marketing Dael Links emphasised the importance the brand places on helping consumers.

He said: “Customers are looking for value when they shop, so it is important that pricing is competitive.

“Snappy Shopper allows retailers to offer products for home delivery at in-store prices.”

The firm believes that the demand for the service and the desire to shop locally is greater than ever.

But it also reckons the increasing number of anonymous dark stores is a threat to convenience retailers.

Links explained: “Snappy Shopper’s mission is to ensure that retailers are educated about the benefits of an online presence and how to grow their customer base by developing an omni-channel business, using its technology.”

According to its retailer network, about 80% of their customers who use the Snappy Shopper app were acquired through the platform and would never have visited their physical store.

Alongside this, customers are more likely to spend more money when using the app, according to Snappy Shopper, which claimed shopkeepers have reported a £26 average basket spend, compared with only £10 in-store – an increase of 160%.

Links added: “Public opinion aside, being able to add incremental sales to your turnover with little additional overhead makes complete business sense.

“The average sales of the top 20 stores on Snappy Shopper in the 12 months to April 2022 is almost £700,000.”