Plan for DRS now says Biffa

A bottle is input into a DRS machine

WASTE management firm Biffa has called on retailers to start planning for Scotland’s deposit return scheme, now.

DRS is scheduled to go live on 16 August 2023 and Biffa has urged retailers to start preparations.

Biffa was announced as the logistics provider for the scheme in July of this year.
DRS will be operated by scheme administrator Circularity Scotland, but Biffa will be responsible for collecting, transporting and recycling the single-use drinks containers included in the scheme.

Carla Brian, commercial lead for deposit return at Biffa, said: “The Deposit Return Scheme offers a unique opportunity to revolutionise the way we recycle in the UK.

“Businesses will see themselves hitting sustainability goals that were previously unachievable with a large increase in the amount of their products entering the circular economy.”