Veggie fry on the up

Richmond Meat Free Bacon slices.
Richmond Meat Free Bacon slices.

MORE consumers than ever are watching the amount of meat they eat, providing a chance for meat-free options to flourish at breakfast time.

Pilgrims Food Masters (PFM) reckons its Richmond Meat Free range provides the perfect option for consumers looking to reduce or remove meat from their diet – without ditching the cooked breakfast entirely.

Chris Doe, marketing manager for Richmond and Fridge Raiders at PFM, said that since launching in 2019, Richmond Meat-Free Sausages have contributed to Richmond becoming the third biggest brand within meat free.

On a foundation of sausage, Richmond has built a full veggie breakfast offer which now includes meat-free bacon.

“Richmond realised that there was a huge gap in the market for meat-free bacon alternatives and the brand’s foray into meat-free bacon saw its Meat-Free Streaky Bacon Rashers become the best-sellling meat-free bacon SKU,” he said.