Healthier snacking

Packing a protein punch

protein snacks

STRIKING a balance between taste and health doesn’t have to be a one-sided fight, according to snack maker Food Connections.

The firm’s Punk’d Protein range is available through Booker now, offering retailers the opportunity to stock up on a snack brand with a protein punch.

Food Connections’ Punk’d Protein snack range comprises six variants: Millionaires Protein Bar; Rocky Road Classic; Rocky Road White Chocolate; Protein Flapjack; Peanut Butter Protein Flapjack; and Protein Cookie.

Each variant boasts 12g of protein per bar, with bar sizes ranging from 55g to 75g.

According to Punk’d, the bar range was developed to sit in the middle ground between non protein and high protein products, and was developed with taste and texture in mind, in addition to health benefits.

Rob Mullen, sales and marketing director at Food Connections, said the firm aims to direct consumers towards snacks that also offer added health benefits

“Punk’d has been developed to be a bit of a middle ground between snack bars and healthier protein bars.”

Mullen said that despite the added health benefits, Punk’d is a snack first and he suggested retailers stock the range in the snack aisle.

Food Connections has also priced its range with RRPs ranging between £1.00 and £1.80.