Ready for the seasonal rush

Swizzels reveals its Halloween range

Swizzels sweets
Halloween returns: shoppers are excited for a more pre-Covid style celebration.

CONSUMERS are gearing up for the first proper post-restrictions Halloween since 2019.

Preparations for the spookiest occasion of the year have also been made at UK confectionery manufacturer Swizzels.

Halloween is a season that sees Swizzels come into its own, thanks to a portfolio that boasts a balance of new products and British confectionery classics.

According to IRI Sugar Confectionery data for the 52 weeks to 17 April, three of the top five Halloween products are from Swizzels.

For 2022, the confectionery maker will offer a range of sharing bags and packs.

The recently rebranded Swizzels’ Variety bags range comprises three different packs: Luscious Lollies (176g), Scrumptious Sweets (173g) and Curious Chews (171g).

All three are available with a £1 RRP and are made free from artificial colours. The entire Swizzels’ Variety bags range is also now suitable for vegans.

Another classic seasonal SKU from Swizzels, the brand’s Sweet Shop Favourites Tub is a top seller at Halloween.

Sweet Shop Favourites tubs include a variety of individually wrapped treats from classic brands including Squashies, Love Hearts and Refreshers.

Swizzels has also described its new Marvellous Mallows as the “perfect hanging bag” for Halloween and Bonfire night.


Swizzels’ top Halloween tips

• Prioritise stocking the right range of sugar confectionery.

Halloween is one specific time of year where sugar confectionery plays the biggest role with consumers. Customers will be looking for a variety of products, from single confectionery to variety bags, PMPs and Vegan sweets. Stocking the biggest and best brands will drive a strong rate of sale and therefore profit.

Value-for-money confectionery continues to be a hugely popular choice for shoppers, particularly as financial circumstances have changed post-pandemic.

According to recent research, one in five shoppers are more likely to shop in a particular convenience store if they know it stocks PMPs, and price marked packs sell 5 times more than non-price marked equivalents, so it’s also important for retailers to stock a range of value products from popular brands to boost sales.

• Stock and highlight seasonal ranges.

With Halloween comes seasonal ranges of popular sweets. Customers will be on the lookout for any opportunities to stock up on these to fit in with themed parties and trick or treats, so they are sure to be in high demand.

To make it easier to find, store owners should also create a section in-depot or online that highlights this range – in a location that customers will definitely walk-by, e.g. at the front of the depot.

• Don’t underestimate the importance of displays.

Seasonal events are the perfect time to create and produce displays that promote your Halloween offering in a useful way.