Praise for fast acting Ken Inglis

Asda colleague

AN Asda colleague has been praised for quick thinking when a young customer fainted in store.

Ken Inglis, first aider and grocery section leader at Asda Middleton Park, was called on to assist when a 16 year old customer collapsed while visiting the store with her parents.

Inglis sprung into action, aiding the customer as she regained consciousness, ensuring other customers gave her the space she needed. The customer later visited the hospital and has recovered well.

Inglis said: “When I got to the customer, I could see she was unconscious, however, she did not show any immediate signs of emergency.

“Her parents were distressed and very worried, but I just tried to keep calm and give the girl as much space as possible. After a short while, she started to come back around and slowly began to regain consciousness.”

Commenting on the event, Darren Reid, foodhall trading manager at Asda Middleton Park, said: “Ken is a great guy who always goes out of his way to help our customers. He kept everyone calm and stayed with the customer until she was okay.

“Ken has been with us for six years and he’s a joy to work with.”