Major milestone for Nisa delivery

Daniall Nadeem partnered with Snappy Shopper before the first Covid lockdown

Snappy Shopper retailers hit five million pound mark

NISA retailers have hit a major milestone in their partnership with Snappy Shopper, having made more than £5 million in sales through the delivery platform.

Snappy Shopper sales through Nisa symbol stores have more than doubled since last February, and the app’s average basket spend now sits at £28.

The delivery platform credited the success in part to a strategy of investing in marketing and promotional spend to support its retailers, “to ensure stores reach their full sales potential as quickly as possible.”

It’s a strategy that has proven extraordinarily successful for some Nisa retailers, with a number of stores having been able to generate incremental sales of more than £100,000.

Daniall Nadeem, of Nisa Bellshill, said: “We’ve been with Snappy Shopper since January 2020 and what a journey it’s been so far. Now we have a full-blown operation and are currently running between 40-50 deliveries a day.

“Around 20% of customers who shop with us in store, also shop with us on Snappy Shopper. The remaining 80% are fully delivered. So, I would say Snappy Shopper is doing its job well, it is getting our store and our products out further than would normally be possible.

“From the beginning, Snappy have been fantastic in the support they have provided and the retailer feedback that they take on.”

Mike Callachan, chief executive and co-founder of the Snappy Group, said: “It’s great to see how our technology has helped Nisa retailers achieve such strong sales growth, with the £5m sales mark a real milestone.

“We’ve been working closely with Nisa and the positive feedback we’ve had from partners to date is testament to both teams’ hard work.”