Aldi launches first DRS trial

Aldi has launched its first Scottish deposit return trial at its Bathgate store.

Discounter o­ffering 10p per container

ALDI has launched its first Scottish DRS trial in its Bathgate store in West Lothian.

Under the trial, Aldi customers will be able to return single-use PET plastic or glass bottles from 50ml to three litres and aluminium cans using a reverse vending machine located in the store’s car park.

Richard Holloway, regional managing director for Aldi Scotland, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to look after our environment and promote recycling whenever possible.”

Customers using the machine will receive 10p for each item deposited in the form of a voucher, up to a maximum of £5.

Aldi said it will be collecting “key insights” throughout the trial in preparation for deposit return implementation.

Holloway said: “We hope local customers in Bathgate will embrace this trial and we will use their feedback to inform our plans as we prepare for the deposit return scheme to roll out in Scotland.”