Changing for environment

Shutterstock / Alexander Raths

RESEARCH from IGD has revealed more than half of consumers claim they are willing to adopt healthier, more sustainable diets.

IGD’s Appetite for Change research series found 58% of consumers now say they are open to changing their eating habits to more healthy and sustainable diets, an increase from 2020’s 57%.

IGD’s report also revealed that 16% of consumers list the environment as their main motivator for healthy and sustainable eating, while 77% have increased – or are thinking about increasing – their fruit and vegetable intake.

The survey of 1,368 consumers further revealed that there has been an increase in people eating meat only twice each week or less, 39% compared to 34% in 2020.

Mark Little, director of health and sustainability at IGD, said: “This shows the opportunity for food and drink companies to act now and help consumers turn positive new behaviours into long-term changes to their diets.

“Not only are consumers increasingly willing to change their eating habits for health reasons, but they are also starting to better understand the connection between their diets, the environment and how changing what they eat could impact their own health, as well as the planet’s health.”