Baking up a storm with FTG

Country Choice Scottish branded hot spot

COUNTRY Choice has launched a new range of traditional Scottish bakery fare ranging from hot breakfasts to sweet desserts.

Some of Scotland’s leading suppliers feature in the range, such as McGhees Bakery, Dessert Depot, Malcolm Allan, Brown Brothers, Mrs Tilly’s and Hall’s of Scotland.

The new breakfast offer includes a black pudding and potato scone roll, a square sausage and potato scone roll, the ‘Full MacMonty’, a square sausage roll and black pudding roll.

Country Choice has also added hot food options such as macaroni pie, steak and gravy pie, Scotch pie, and a haggis pie.

For shoppers seeking a sweet treat, the new range includes a cappuccino slice, millionaire’s shortcake, yoghurt and cranberry crunch, empire biscuit and tablet bars.

To help retailers catch customers’ attention, Country Choice is supporting its new range with a full complement of merchandising options, including Scottish themed header and base panels for freestanding and countertop hot units, as well as Scottish branded posters, wobblers, stickers, and shelf stripping.