New look for singles

Cadbury single bars

FOLLOWING a packaging makeover for its range at the start of 2021, Cadbury is now putting its single bars into fresh new look packs.

The revamped packaging for the single bars includes new background patterns and each design includes a picture of the bar inside, designed to make the product instantly recognisable on the shelf. The new look will now be seen on all of Cadbury’s singles including Twirl, Wispa, Boost, Flake, Starbar and Picnic.

They are being made available to retailers in price-marked and plain packs.

A Cadbury spokesperson said: “The revamped single bars will start hitting shelves from this month with a new look and feel “The redesign is landing at a time when single confectionery is becoming more important as the on-the-go occasion continues to return and shoppers start to buy more impulse chocolate bars.

“The new look bars will help retailers to drive further sales in this important segment of their confectionery ranges throughout the summer and beyond.”