Adding value to crisp PMPs

Walkers’ extra 20% will be available on a range of SKUs

PEPSICO has beefed up the value of its PMP range by adding an extra 20% to its Walkers price-marked packs.

Packs will now feature an additional 20% flash and are available across nine of Walkers £1 snacks SKUs, including Quavers, Wotsits, Monster Munch, Squares and French Fries.

The added value packs are available through wholesale, symbol and independent channels. PepsiCo is supporting the launch with social media and digital advertising. POS kits are also available for retailers to drive visibility.

Matt Goddard, wholesale trading director at PepsiCo, said: “Value for money is becoming increasingly important for shoppers in Symbols and Independents, as the financial pressure of COVID continues. 62% of shoppers are becoming more careful with their money , which is why we’re launching this campaign to give our retailers and shoppers more value.

“Sharing RRP PMPs are the largest segment in Symbols and Independents and they were the number one contributor to value sales growth in 2020 , growing +16% . We’re focusing our +20% Extra Free campaign on this pack type as retailers can also expect to see a strong return.

“Retailers can really benefit from the added value now offered in-store, ensuring they’re stocking all nine of these bestselling RRP £1 PMPs snacks and driving awareness of the offering in-store.”

PepsiCo is inviting retailers to contact their account manager to access materials for in-store promotions, as well as for their social and digital channels to drive awareness.