Dutch pilsner returns

JAPANESE brewing giant Asahi is bringing one of the Netherlands’ biggest beers back to the UK market.

Grolsch will return at the end of this month, available in 330ml cap bottles, 440ml (from March 2021) and 500ml cans, the brand’s 450ml ‘swing-top’ bottle, as well as a range of multipack formats.

The Dutch pilsner returns as a 4% ABV beer, which Asahi reckons will tap into consumer demand for a slightly lower ABV.

Grolsch has been given a packaging makeover for its return to the UK market, which Asahi claims will offer great stand-out on shelf.

Tim Clay, managing director at Asahi UK said: “Grolsch Premium Pilsner is back with a fresh brand identity and a brilliant, revitalised liquid, brewed at its iconic home in East Netherlands.

“The brand new packaging and in-store activations we’ve tailored for Grolsch’s return are just as exciting – highly distinctive and full of character.

“We’re delighted with the response and take-up from customers to date.

“This is a fantastic new proposition for the UK and Ireland market, building on Asahi UK’s comprehensive suite of premium beer and cider brands. It comes at an important time, with a growing consumer preference for a range of ABV beers that also offer high quality and strong provenance.”