Shaping up to be a real treat

Swizzels is all set for Halloween

Swizzels is gearing up for Halloween.

HALLOWEEN is big business for British confectionery maker Swizzels and – despite the challenges of Covid-19 – the firm is planning for success in 2020.

Mark Walker, sales director at Swizzels, said that the firm’s market share doubles at Halloween compared to the rest of the year and he doesn’t expect this year to be any different.

“Swizzels recently conducted some research to understand how consumers feel about celebrating Halloween this year, which confirms consumers will indeed be celebrating, despite the current Covid outbreak,” he said.

Walker highlighted an Opinium survey of 2,000 UK adults from July, which found 76% intent to purchase sweets or chocolate for Halloween, compared to 78% last year.

“In addition, 39% of people intend to either host a Halloween party or attend somebody else’s, up from 35% last year, so ensuring the shelves are well stocked with confectionery is still as key for Halloween 2020 as previous years to meet consumer demand,” he said.

Swizzels is not short of Halloween options. This year’s Swizzels’ Trick or Sweet bag selection includes Double Lollies, Parma Violets, Refresher Bars, Love Hears and Sour Apple Refreshers.

Walker said the Halloween themed packaging “makes for a great eye-catching treat to hand out at parties and to trick or treaters.”

The confectionery firm’s non-seasonal range can also appeal at Halloween according to Walker, who highlighted Swizzels Sweet Treats tin as perfect for the season.

“One of Swizzels’ most popular products for sharing occasions, the tub contains a variety of individually-wrapped favourites including Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Refreshers, meaning there is something for everyone, making it a guaranteed seller and a must-stock,” he said.