Age scheme is opening doors

Bestway expands its vaping offer

Juul menthol
Bestway customers can now purchase Juul SKUs using the wholesaler’s app.

BESTWAY Wholesale has joined forced with vaping giant Juul Labs to launch an online age-verification platform.

The launch of the new platform means Bestway customers can now purchase Juul devices, kits and pods on the company’s wholesale website, after completing a new verification document on the site.

Under the new scheme, retailers are required to input their name and store’s details, accept and agree to age verification, store suspension and retail sales policies.

Once registered online, retailers will also be able to order Juul products via the Bestway Wholesale mobile app. A member of Juul Labs’ field sales force will also visit the store following a purchase.

Juul sales staff will provide retialers with training and Challenge 25 point-of-sale materials.
Richard Booth, director of trading at Bestway Wholesale said: “The vaping category at Bestway has seen tremendous growth over the past year as we continue to provide a range of smoking alternatives to customers.

“Juul has played an important part in this growth.

“By widening the reach to our online customers, whilst ensuring the necessary age-verification requirements are met, we are confident that we can grow sales further and become the wholesaler of choice for the vaping category.”

John Patterson, sales director for Juul Labs said: “We have been looking at how we can responsibily reach out to online customers now that many more retailers are making the decision to shop online.

“While we have similar operations in place with some regional wholesalers, this arrangement allows many more retailers to purchase the Juul range and offer their adult smoker customers an option to transition away from combustible cigarettes.
“Tobacco remains the largest single cause of preventable death in the UK, responsible for over 95,000 deaths annualy, and by increasing the number of retail touchpoints the more adult smokers we can reach and initiate their journey away from cigarettes.”